Evolutia is always discovering new ways to make your business better.

We do this by putting technology to work for you. We listen carefully to our clients so we can deliver application solutions needed to connect to customers and drive new business.

Cultivate your ideas into business growth with our Evolutia tech team!

Evolutia develops apps to meet today’s difficult business challenges. Looking to grow your company? Need technology to meet growing business demands? Our experienced development team can build solutions to integrate into your existing operations. You can optimize your business with our apps!

The Evolutia Way!

We cultivate innovation, introduce ideas, and solve problems for our clients. We build apps that are user-friendly and scalable to grow with your company. We approach every project by getting to know our client’s business needs and building trust. Using a structured system with measurable developmental milestones we can provide the technology you need efficiently.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

  • Locate and identify objects and for effortless product tracking in the manufacturing process.
  • Use for inventory management and point of sale stages
  • Location tracking, get peace of mind with chip-embedded tracking for devices and/or people.
  • No required line of sight (unlike UPC codes), and can easily be read through lighter materials such as clothing or cardboard boxes.
  • Simultaneous tag scanning for fast processing (process your grocery store order without having to stand in line and unload your cart item by item).

Windows Mobile Applications

Mobilize your sales force, sales, and manufacturing, with scalable solutions that require zero client configuration and only an internet browser to run. Web services are perfect providers of Service Oriented Architecture ( SOA ) and are a great return on investment. These apps are great for:

  • Agile computing for people on the move
  • Wide range of devices to suit diverse needs
  • Industrial rugged units with bar code scanners
  • E-commerce applications
  • Create middle-ware of business logic
  • Cross-platform functionality

Internet Applications & Web Services

  • Scalable solutions that require zero client configuration
  • Applications include e-commerce and replacements for classical windows applications
  • Create middle-ware or business logic
  • Cross-platform functionality based on a well-adapted protocol
  • Serve clients on various platforms
  • Web services are perfect providers of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and a great return on investment

Meet Our Team

We strive to be great people so that we can attract great people. We appreciate what it takes to be successful and realize that people are the key to success. We treat everyone with respect and insist that it is mutual. We approach all situations with honesty and provide an environment that nurtures people. We want to make a difference in how people perceive their work.
The journey with Evolutia is inspiring. We challenge assumptions, question the status quo, think out of the box, and redefine what is possible. Our high energy, hard work, common sense and practical innovation deliver rapid results that create exceptional business value. We learn and grow more quickly than we think possible. We are positive and share support and encouragement. Most importantly, we make a positive impact on all we reach.

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