Evolutia Automation & Quality Control

Combining our software talents with automation means Evolutia delivers complete high-quality solutions. Feel confident knowing your software systems talk to robots in real-time via the OPC communication standard. Our solutions include:

PLC Programming, Two-way PLC communication, Communication with any device that supports it

Quality Assurance

Our team delivers quality assurance using systems that interact with production, monitor processes, collect data, and integrate quality control. Reduce human error, present clear and accurate information to stakeholders, and improve your overall production process. Our mobile solutions via web services are ideal for plant floor applications. They improve the process and provide freedom for workers to do their job efficiently and accurately.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID)

  • Used to locate and identify objects
  • Ideal for product tracking in the manufacturing process
  • Can be used throughout the entire inventory management and point of sale stages
  • Does not require a line of sight to be read (unlike UPC codes)
  • Can be read through light materials (clothing) and cardboard boxes
  • Multiple tags can be scanned simultaneously to expedite service

Plant Floor Process Control

  • Provides solutions that interact with plant floor processes
  • Interactive
  • Enforce procedures and business rules
  • Ensure quality control and accuracy
  • Talk to devices that support digital communication (scanners, magnetic card readers, printers, etc …)

Quality Control

Our team will assist you to create quality processes or provide expertise and feedback on improving existing processes.

  • Mobile solutions ideal for quality control
  • Dynamic & interactive software
  • Eliminate learned automatic responses
  • Inspectors do not act out of familiarity with the system

Meet Our Team

We strive to be great people so that we can attract great people. We appreciate what it takes to be successful and realize that people are the key to success. We treat everyone with respect and insist that it is mutual. We approach all situations with honesty and provide an environment that nurtures people. We want to make a difference in how people perceive their work.
The journey with Evolutia is inspiring. We challenge assumptions, question the status quo, think out of the box, and redefine what is possible. Our high energy, hard work, common sense and practical innovation deliver rapid results that create exceptional business value. We learn and grow more quickly than we think possible. We are positive and share support and encouragement. Most importantly, we make a positive impact on all we reach.

Evolutia Automation for a Seamless Experience.

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