Evolutia Develops Software Solutions so Your Business can Thrive!

We are a full-service software development and information systems solutions company. We provide complete end-to-end enterprise solutions for businesses that require IT expertise. Whether you are at the early ages of start-up, need your product to develop quickly, or require some technical expertise to serve your clients better — we can help!

Our Solutions

We design and develop web and mobile applications of any size and complexity. Think of us as architects for data-driven mobile development for Android™ & iOS ®, cloud services, internet web services, internet web applications, distributed systems, client-server, and multi-tier systems.

Our Designs

Evolutia thoughtfully considers existing boundaries such as packages and infrastructure. We analyze existing systems and try to improve them by recommending and promoting better business practices. Our designs are intended for the ultimate user experience while following a structured system to keep your costs down.

Evolutia Expertise

We have years of professional experience and high-level excellence in the areas of Software Solutions, Custom Application Development, and Product Development. Our customers include small to large businesses with varying levels of demands and complexities.

Software Solutions

Software development is what we do best and we are well versed in the complete Software Development Life Cycle. There is no substitute for experience and understanding when it comes to developing software.

We believe in the Agile Software Development methodology to reduce added costs to the client. This method promotes development iterations, open collaboration, and adaptability throughout the life cycle of a project. This results in better client control over ensuring business needs are met.

We do not separate our software from the real world requirements it addresses. This allows us to build systems that deliver maximum benefits and serve as they were intended to.

Custom Application Development

Custom Application Development entails solutions that are designed to suit a client’s specific business needs. In this role, we provide entire turnkey solutions, specific portions of a solution, or resources to support and work with existing teams. We are flexible, offering both lump sum and time & material terms.

Product Development

We provide Product Development services to those who pursue the next great product. In this role, we adapt to our client’s needs and goals. We offer full-service development from start to finish or collaborate to provide portions of the end product.

We are open to partnerships with existing teams and business ventures. If you have a product vision but aren’t sure how to “get it done” then we can help guide you to the finish line.

What You Can Expect!

When you hire Evolutia’s dedicated development team you can expect us to learn about your business and clients so we can help you achieve your goals. Every client has different needs and expectations, therefore we tailor our services to range from entire system solutions, to sub-system, component, or development roles. Our Evolutia process includes a clear start to end structured project management system with development milestones:

  • Client familiarization and trust
  • A clear vision/understanding of the real-world requirements
  • Analyze/challenge current or proposed approach
  • System Design/Architecture
  • System Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Monitoring & reflection
  • Ongoing support

Meet Our Team

We strive to be great people so that we can attract great people. We appreciate what it takes to be successful and realize that people are the key to success. We treat everyone with respect and insist that it is mutual. We approach all situations with honesty and provide an environment that nurtures people. We want to make a difference in how people perceive their work.
The journey with Evolutia is inspiring. We challenge assumptions, question the status quo, think out of the box, and redefine what is possible. Our high energy, hard work, common sense and practical innovation deliver rapid results that create exceptional business value. We learn and grow more quickly than we think possible. We are positive and share support and encouragement. Most importantly, we make a positive impact on all we reach.

We are trusted by business leaders to deliver innovative technology!